Celia Dehnert
Emily genuinely helped me understand how to eat well and look after myself; the programme was so relatable and realistic for my lifestyle. I can't recommend it highly enough, she helps you do it cheaply if you're on a budget, knows all of the places to shop and totally gets people wanting to be healthy whilst leading a normal life!

Lara Rodgers
My top three goals upon starting the 6-month program were; to improve my discipline/general focus on self, have a structured and healthy regime that can fit in with my lifestyle and improve my skin symptoms, energy and well being.
Emily was able to help we work toward these goals by analysing my eating habits and lifestyle and reworking them through gradual changes and realistic steps.
The biggest tangible change I have noticed has been my general well being - I feel so much better in myself and this can be seen in my energy levels and more stabilised weight.
The most significant overall change I have noticed has been my attitude towards eating. I have always had an interest in food but now I love eating in a more nutritious way, discovering new healthy foods and am constantly striving to find balance in my life.
I would describe Emily as inspiring! Emily has an engaging approach and goes to great lengths to create a personal regime and give support.  Her enthusiasm for healthy eating and living is infectious.

Emily introduced me to yoga at the start of the programme which I am so grateful for, I'm hooked!


 "I began seeing Emily with the hope of demystifying a string of health problems...Through her caring and inspiring approach, I am now feeling better than ever and feel I can make the right choices and achieve a good balance. Emily has been so kind and gone above and beyond, from introducing me to yoga to bringing me the most delicious homemade healthy treats. Best choice I've ever made!" 

Michaela Wrede
I was suffering from regular headaches and migraines and had been feeling bloated, uncomfortable for years but could never really pin point the reasons why. At my first consultation we discussed my symptoms, daily eating habits and general lifestyle patterns. Emily made some recommendations of changes I should make and how best to incorporate them into my daily routine.

After my first consultation I started to see an improvement within days. I had more energy and most notably didn’t suffer from headaches anymore. She worked with me to find solutions that suited my lifestyle with lots of recipes and tips too. I learnt about the benefits of alkalising the body and why it was important to include fats, fiber and protein into each meal. Rather than just being given a diet plan to follow I learnt about the health benefits of different foods and superfoods and how they would help.

A few of the changes were harder than others to get used to but at my second consultation we found alternatives to the foods I didn’t like and dairy/gluten free alternatives to have for breakfast.

Since my first consultation my energy levels are up, I rarely get headaches and rarely feel bloated. I’m surprised at how easy it was to see results but with the right advice it was made very easy!