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"Body is the bow Asana is the arrow + the Soul is the target."
- BKS Iyengar


I’m a Holistic Nutritional Health Consultant, certified Yoga Instructor and all-round Superfoodie. I hope that my website and overall philosophy can provide you with some inspiration to focus on clean, simple, healthy living in today's busy world.

I want to teach you the importance of a balanced lifestyle and how to eat well, move well and breathe well in our hectic day-to-day lives. Healthy is not a diet, a ‘fad’, a week or months choice, it is a lifestyle that can easily and seamlessly be introduced into yours through just a few simple small steps which will ultimately achieve long-lasting results.

 I will share with you my favourite tips and delicious recipes that are quick, easy and nourishing. You will try different foods and add in more goodness rather than cutting out, this way the bad habits will easily fall away. You will learn to love to cook and to be inspired and excited by your new nourishing creations, and most importantly you will learn how to look after yourself and to feel amazing.

I want my website to be your ‘go to’ - whether it be to answer those burning questions you have, to inspire and guide you, to learn about a specific superfood or to discover the latest must-try health café or studio. I want it to deliver, to inspire you and to give you that kick-start that everyone needs to embark on their own health journey. With this, please feel free to contact me, to comment, to ask me questions, to share your stories and experiences, to introduce yourself and to share your healthy creations – you name it, I would love to see and hear all about it! 

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Do you need to kick-start your journey to a happier healthier you? Are you looking to lose weight, have glowing skin, be bursting with energy, combat stress and sleep better? These are just some of the areas I regularly address to get you living every day to the full, love what you do and what you see.

I am a qualified Nutritional Health Consultant from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, the world’s largest nutrition school. I have studied over 100 dietary theories, simple and practical lifestyle management techniques and first-class innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top and most inspirational health and wellness experts including;

Dr David Katz - Director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Centre

Dr Walter Willet – Chair of Nutrition at Harvard University

Dr Deepak Chopra – World Leader in the field of mind-body medicine

Dr Andrew Weil – Director of the Arizona Centre of Integrative Medicine

David Wolfe – The World Authority of Raw Food Nutrition

Geneen Roth – Bestselling Author and Expert in Emotional Eating Behaviours

Since my first consultation my energy levels are up, I rarely get headaches and rarely feel bloated. I’m surprised at how easy it was to see results but with the right advice it was made very easy!
— Michaela Wrede

With my wealth of knowledge in holistic nutrition I coach clients on how to build a healthy relationship with both nutrition and exercise to help each individual achieve their goals through gradual lifestyle changes that produce long lasting results. I specialise in working closely with my clients to design bespoke nutritional programs to seamlessly achieve those health and wellness goals you have always dreamed of. My approach teaches you to listen to your body and nourish yourself through simple yet lasting lifestyle changes.

I will teach you to live without the need of a diet plan, the next monthly ‘fad’ or other crazy acts of deprivation as you learn how to eat for health and energy and glow from the inside out. I will share all my top tips with you to help you make good choices when buying and preparing food to even stocking your fridge and pantry! I believe optimum nutrition should never result in a compromise on taste, your health boost will never taste so good!

As you may have already read in my journey, I have suffered with digestive issues for many years. I have invested a large interest into the gut and digestive disorders such as Celiac Disease and IBS, looking into the causes of inflammation, sensitivities and intolerance's. Throughout my education and research I have discovered the importance of a healthy gut and truly believe that good health begins and ends here, so even if you don’t suffer from any of the above it is still essential that we look after our guts and remember everything we eat influences how we look, feel and think.

What we eat affects both our mental and physical state. If you want to look and feel your best, choose from one of my five packages below!

It always seems impossible until it’s done
— Nelson Mandela

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Looking to sculpt those beautiful silhouettes? To get beach body ready? Or perhaps get back into exercise after the holiday season…Are you looking to get stronger, leaner and slimmer?

Whatever your goals may be, we will work together with the best body boosting and burning techniques out there. We will use body weight combined with HIIT as well as strengthening, lengthening and toning all your muscles groups through varied combinations of Yoga, Barre, Dynamic Pilates and TRX.

I will empower and encourage you to reach your maximum potential both in and out of the studio. Pairing your training with nutritional advice to ensure you see amazing long-lasting results in the least time. I will educate you to listen to and nourish your body and equip you with all the knowledge you need to ensure you maintain your results and exceed your goals in both nutrition and fitness.

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I run and host retreats throughout the year, some close and others afar – offering the ultimate destination for that much desired R&R we all need. Come and cleanse and clear your mind and detoxify, nourish and enrich your body, whilst feeling at peace and calm in a truly beautiful setting.

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workshops + cooking classes

I run workshops and cooking classes to educate and inspire others to eat this way and find their lifestyle balance.

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I am also available to hire for cooking classes and menu consultations. Get in touch!

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