Living a healthy lifestyle is not just about the food you eat but all of the other factors also present in our daily lives. Everything we do and eat influences the way we think, feel and look.

Yes, eating the right foods to suit your body can be life changing – after all, what we eat affects both our physical and mental wellness but this in no way means we can just simply ignore the other hugely significant factors. Healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, regular physical activity and a spiritual awareness are all essential forms of nourishment and contribute to our sense of fulfillment. It is when these ‘primary foods’ are balanced, what we eat becomes secondary.

Together we will work through these areas and discover how they are affecting your health and happiness. With this, alongside the correct foods we will eliminate that sluggish feeling and leave you feeling healthy, energised and confident. I will help to break down the barriers and make sense of all the overwhelming advice out there. I will support you in achieving all of your goals from eating the right foods for your body to identifying what your lifestyle will benefit from in order to live that inspired and fulfilling life you dream of. I will teach you to build a healthy relationship with food, to help nourish your mind, body and skin and promote all-round wellbeing – you will live and eat better forever.

I will use my expertise and experience to establish the best foods and lifestyle choices for you and ensure you leave with all the knowledge and tools you need to maintain your results and exceed your goals. I will design a bespoke program with clearly mapped out actions and goals and together we will make small, easy and simple changes that we will seamlessly incorporate into your life and soon see amazing long-term results.

I take a very personal approach and will share everything I have with you in an easy, exciting and enticing way. We will not dwell on the calories, carbs, fats and proteins. You will not feel restricted, limited or deprived. Instead, I will work with you to create a unique program to achieve your happy and healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and rewarding. I will provide you with my top tips to inspire you to make the best choices for you - every day, of every week, of every month. You will learn to listen to your body, and unlock a deep understanding of the cause and effect food has on one’s mind and in turn body. It is about finding the right balance, reducing toxicity, energising and healing from the inside out. I will educate you on the effects of eating wholesome, fresh and organic whole foods, the benefits of living a plant-centric lifestyle, and how to include some utterly amazing superfoods into your everyday life. You will add in more goodness rather than cutting out, this way the bad habits will easily fall away. I will also help you to make the right choices when buying and preparing food to even stocking your pantry. You will be guided through every step needed to achieve the healthiest you – you will establish an amazing relationship with your body and food, mind and soul, boost your confidence, inject energy and sculpt those beautiful silhouettes!

Together we will work to achieve your ultimate health and wellness goals whether it be your optimal weight, to reduce food cravings, improve sleep, boost energy levels or reduce stress (the list goes on…)

Remember this is not a program of restricting but of abundance. My approach is not to count calories, eliminate carbs, banish fats and say no to everything you love. I will suggest a wealth of foods that nourish you and serve a high nutritional value whilst tasting simply delicious. I will help you to create a lifestyle that is simple, effective, enjoyable and rewarding, one that will have huge benefits to both your body and your life - you will reach that state of balance.

Remember prevention is always better than looking for a cure.