Nut Butter



2 cups Raw Nuts (Soaked Overnight) – I love to use cashews, almonds and hazelnuts

Pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt

Tip: If your blender is not that powerful try adding ½ - 1 Tbsp Water to create a smooth texture

Flavour it up & Mix it up!

½ Tsp Cinnamon

 ½ cup Desiccated Coconut

1 Tbsp Cacao Powder – for the choccy indulger!

2 Tsp Raw Honey – for those with a sweet tooth!



1.     Place the nuts in a bowl and leave to soak overnight. Ensure the nuts are fully submerged in the water.

2.     Strain and rinse the nuts and place into a high-speed blender along with the salt. If using, add the coconut, cinnamon, cacao or honey and blend until smooth.

Note: You may need to scrape the sides of the blender every so often. If you do not have a high speed blender, start by adding ½ Tbsp of water to your mixture and blend, continue to add as necessary to reach your desired consistency

Tip: If you like a crunchier nut butter like me – then hold back ½ cup of nuts and add these to your mixture once blended and blend for a further 10 seconds or until the nuts have just started to break down