Bliss Balls


Coco Bliss Balls


  •     1 cup Pecans
  •     2 cups Medjool Dates
  •     2-3 tbsp Cacao
  •     1tp Maca Powder
  •     *2-3 tbsp Goji Berries – Optional
  •     *Pinch of chilli Flakes – Optional (add more if you like a kick!)
  •     *  ¼ - ½ Cup Coconut Flakes – Optional


  1. Places pecans in the food processor and pulse until nuts are chopped into small pieces. Add the dates, Cacao and Maca and continue to pulse until a doughy consistency is formed – the mixture should all stick together and be combined well.
  2. Add in the Goji berries and chilli Flakes and mix well.
  3. Form round balls with the mixture (the mixture should make between 12-15 protein balls).
  4. If using coconut flakes, sprinkle them onto a plate and roll your energy balls to cover well
  5. Place on a tray and place in the freezer for 1-2 hours.
  6. Serve and Enjoy! Store in the fridge. 

Almond Butter Bliss Balls


  •     1 cup Almond Butter
  •     2 cups Medjool Dates – Pitted
  •     1 Tbsp Chia
  •     1 Tbsp Maca Powder
  •     2 Tbsp Cacao Powder
  •     ½ - 1 Cup Almond Milk
  •     ½ cup Desiccated Coconut


  1. Blend all the ingredients together in the food processor until the mixture is smooth like truffle.
  2. Top Tip: Add the milk gradually until you reach your desired consistency. You need to mixture to be smooth but firm to roll. If the mixture becomes too runny, add some extra chia seeds – these will quickly absorb any excess liquid.
  3. Place your mixture in the fridge for 10 mins
  4. Sprinkle the desiccated coconut onto a plate
  5. Remove from the fridge and roll the mixture into small bit sized balls and roll in coconut
  6. Mix it up and experiment if you wish by rolling the balls in some more maca, cinnamon, cacao nibs or chopped nuts
  7. Enjoy with a cup of herbal tea or warm almond milk with a sprinkle of cinnamon