My only goal in life right is to be happy. Genuinely, intensely and consistently happy, regardless of what that look likes to others

2015 has been a crazy year, right?  It is funny how much can change in a year – jobs, travel, friendships, relationships, home – it all changes but I genuinely believe it all happens for a reason! People come and go, change and grow, but they will all always mean something to you. With our surroundings ever changing, our lives are in a constant state of flux, nothing ever remaining the same. Just the self, the true-self!  

New Years Eve is the ultimate day for reflection, as you look back, acknowledge your achievements, all your hard work, your motivation and determination - be proud, be happy and be grateful. You have followed your dreams, aced some goals, pushed boundaries, seen success, been surprised, experienced pain, created unforgettable memories, embarked on a beautiful journey, set of on adventures, made new friends and learnt so much about yourself along the way. As a brand new year approaches, chances are you are already devising plans on how to raise the bar again and create yet another year to remember – greater goals, greater health, greater love, greater travel, greater fun, greater achievements and greater success. We create goals, make plans, devise lists and take actions with a constant strive and focus to follow and accomplish our big dreams. But with all this, it is so easy to get lost and wrapped up in the moment, forgetting what’s most important – that time for you, to reflect, to calm, to still, to care and to love. It is key to acknowledge this need, to look after oneself and to take that valuable step back to experience the simple, soulful pleasures of daily life. It is with this we receive the fuel to go forth, to continue to strive and to conquer but without this we can be left in a state of loss, a realm of anxiety and a sense of overwhelm. 

With 2016 find balance, stay happy and be healthy. Live your life for every moment, be excited and hold no regrets. Live a life of happiness, positivity, mindfulness and gratitude. Listen to your body, calm your mind and nourish your soul - Laugh more, be thankful, be still, be authentic, set challenges, create experiences and let go. 

As I reflect back, I am so grateful for everyone of you that have been a part of my world in 2015. Some of you will know the impact you had and the support you’ve shown me and some of you won’t but I am beyond grateful for you all. People may forget what you did and said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. As 2016 approaches, keep this in mind and create yet another unbeatable year with a life full of happiness, gratefulness health and success. 

To help you start your journey into 2016, I have created a journal alongside my gorgeous friend, Becky Pearson (So-Hum), to inspire and guide you along your way, to ensure you really do create a year never to forget and live 2016 to its full potential. It will help you organise your days, weeks, months and years. This planet can be so overwhelming – we can all do with some guidance.  The download will be available for download this evening 31/12/15. Emily x