You are what you eat!

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Everything we consume influences how we look, feel and think. Ultimately you are what you eat, so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake.
Healthy is not a diet, a ‘fad’, a week or months choice, it is a lifestyle that can easily and seamlessly be introduced into yours with just a few small steps. Simple changes can have a big knock-on effect, and one that can achieve long-lasting results.

Weight loss results can be amazing when you simply consume more plants and less animal products and when you eat clean, natural, fresh, seasonal and wholesome produce. There really is no need for a strict diet regime. Fill your plate, eat the rainbow and nourish and satisfy your body full! 

A few life-changing tips…

  • Hydrate – Drink at least 2 litres of water a day
  • Don’t skip meals - plan your meals and be prepared
  • Increase your intake of greens – add those leafy greens at every meal
  • Eat vegetables from all colours of the rainbow
  • Eat one big plate of food, no second helpings
  • Limit dairy
  • Avoid mindless snacking in between meals
  • Be sure to chew your food
  • Limit alcohol and other toxins
  • Listen to your body – it takes 30 minutes for your body to register you are full so eat slowly and chew!
  • Live with a balance – sleep well (approx 8hrs), eat well, move well and breathe well
  • Plan time in your day to rest, relax, recharge and de-stress

The most important thing is to live a life of balance and moderation. The key is to keep it simple, don’t look for perfection and strict guidelines, take it easy, relax and enjoy what you eat and do. Allow yourself your guilty pleasures, enjoy the treat and don’t beat yourself up! Life is a long exciting journey, so be sure to enjoy it with the health, energy and vitality that this free lifestyle brings!