This 3 month program is the queen of all nutrition programs! It is the optimal amount of time to see, feel and discover how everything we do and eat can influence the way we think, feel and look.

Are you looking to loose weight and keep it off, to work on any underlying digestive issues and to build a wealth of knowledge to discover how the food we eat, alongside the significant elements in our daily lives can effect our health and wellness for good?  

Here you will find your lifelong balance, have more accountability, be in control and live and eat better forever.

If you are ready to stop fighting and start loving and nourishing your mind and body to feel empowered and confident then this tailored life-changing program is for you!


What you can expect to receive:

  • 6 x 50 minute sessions (Bi-Weekly)
  • Weight loss in a safe environment
  • Receive healthy, delicious and nourishing recipes to try which you can whip up in no time
  • Healthy food shopping guides and lists
  • Set and accomplish individual goals in a way that is empowering and exciting 
  • Receive quick, easy, delicious and nourishing recipes 
  • Maximise energy levels 
  • Improved quality of sleep  
  • Understand and reduce cravings – turning cravings into information 
  • Discover how the significant elements in our daily lives affect our health and happiness 
  • Gain an understanding of how everything we do and eat affects how we think, feel and look 
  • Build a healthy relationship with food and gain control of eating habits  
  • Learn to eat to nourish your body consuming what is right for you
  • Get the glow, for your hair, skin and nails
  • Receive personal recommendations and gain techniques on how to achieve your goals and maintain your results 
  • Inject vitality back into your life 
  • Reduce toxicity
  • Combat stress and gain techniques to conquer any other common lifestyle concerns
  • Find balance – establish an amazing relationship with your body and food, mind and soul
  • Boost confidence and sculpt those beautiful silhouettes
  • Discover the benefits of living a plant-centric and alkaline lifestyle and how to include some utterly amazing superfoods into your everyday life
  • Be educated on the effects of eating wholesome, fresh and organic whole foods
  • Breakdown the barriers and make sense of all the overwhelming nutritional advice available today
  • Unlock a deep understanding of the cause and effect food has on one’s mind and in turn body
  • Unlimited support in-between sessions via email
  • Develop an understanding of the digestive system and bacteria of the gut.
  • Discover the importance of a healthy gut and look into my philosophy that good health begins and ends here
  • Explore any underlying digestive issues including IBS and Celiacs
  • Work together to conquer any sensitivities or intolerance's and eliminate any inflammation, toxicity, discomfort and bloating
  • Put an end to those Yo-Yo diet days and understand why your previous diet attempts and latest monthly ‘fads’ have never worked
  • Be inspired to get in your kitchen and learn to love to cook and prepare your own delicious meals and creations
  • Eat wholesome, fresh, organic whole foods and discover the benefits of living a plant-centric, highly nutritious and alkaline lifestyle
  • Try many utterly amazing superfoods and learn how to include these into your everyday life
  • Work together to design your own bespoke exercise routine, a regular and enjoyable schedule, one tailored to your goals and problem areas
  • Gain a wealth of knowledge to build an amazing relationship with your body, mind and food - you will learn to love yourself all over again!

Ready to take the first step to improve your health and wellness and reach your goals?